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How Much is Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet 2017: Pricing Guide

As of 2017, Shoney’s breakfast buffet typically cost between $5 to $9 per person. Prices could vary by location and time of week.

Discover the true essence of a hearty morning feast with Shoney’s breakfast buffet, a treasure trove of American breakfast classics. Indulge your taste buds in an array of freshly prepared offerings perfect for kickstarting your day. The buffet’s affordability allows you to enjoy a variety of breakfast staples without breaking the bank, making it a popular choice for families and individuals alike.

Shoney’s, with its commitment to freshness and quality, has crafted a breakfast experience that caters to all appetites. Dive into warm, fluffy pancakes, sizzling bacon, and eggs cooked just the way you like. Whether you’re fueling up for the day ahead or treating yourself to a leisurely breakfast, Shoney’s buffet represents not just value, but a tradition of American breakfast done right.

How Much is Shoney's Breakfast Buffet 2017: Pricing Guide

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Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet: A Culinary Journey

Kick off your morning with Shoney’s bountiful breakfast buffet. For a fair price, 2017 rates had you enjoying an array of hot and cold dishes. The spread includes classics like scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and golden waffles.

It doesn’t stop there, dig into fresh fruit, yogurt, and an assortment of pastries. All these satisfy both sweet and savory cravings. Juices, coffee, and tea complete the breakfast experience. Families and friends make memories around Shoney’s tables while starting their day right.

How Much is Shoney's Breakfast Buffet 2017: Pricing Guide

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2017 Pricing Snapshot

The 2017 Shoney’s breakfast buffet varied in cost. Prices differed based on location. A typical range was $5 to $9 per person. Factors influencing these variations included local economic conditions and operational costs. This aligns with restaurant practices of adjusting buffet prices for differing markets. Below is a simple table showcasing these differences:

Location Price
New York City $8.99
Atlanta $7.99
Dallas $6.99
Los Angeles $8.49

Decoding The Value

Shoney’s breakfast buffet in 2017 offered a wide variety, catering to different tastes. Guests appreciated the balance between quality and quantity with a price that many found reasonable. The buffet included classic breakfast items such as bacon, eggs, sausage, along with fruit, pastries, and pancakes.

Understanding the overall cost involves more than the base price. A variety of extras and add-ons often influenced the final amount paid. These may include beverages not covered in the original buffet price or specialty items that invoked an additional charge. Guests weighing the value considered both the extensive selection and the quality of food Shoney’s provided.

How Much is Shoney's Breakfast Buffet 2017: Pricing Guide

Credit: www.tripadvisor.com

Money-saving Tips For Buffet Lovers

For Shoney’s breakfast buffet enthusiasts, timing can lead to savings. Weekday mornings often offer lower prices than weekends. Visiting just after opening or before closing might result in additional discounts.

Embrace the benefits of Shoney’s loyalty programs. Members may receive special buffet coupons and promotional deals. Check Shoney’s website or sign up for their newsletter for current offers. Local newspapers and coupon books are also great sources for savings.

A Look Ahead

Analyzing Shoney’s breakfast buffet pricing from 2017 reveals interesting patterns. Historically, costs for dining out, especially for buffets, have experienced gradual increases. This is due to factors such as inflation, rising food costs, and operational expenses. Predicting the future of Shoney’s buffet prices hinges on these variables.

Guests in 2017 saw prices hovering around the $5 to $9 range, depending on location and day of the week. Weekends often featured slightly higher rates. For future pricing, one might anticipate a steady climb.

Continual analysis of economic trends can provide a clearer price forecast for Shoney’s buffet. Thus, patrons should be ready for incremental price increments over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How Much Is Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet 2017

Is Big Boy Same As Shoney’s?

Big Boy and Shoney’s were once part of the same company but became separate entities. Each brand operates independently and offers a distinct dining experience.

Why Is Shoney’s In Rick And Morty?

Shoney’s appears in Rick and Morty as a fictionalized version of the real-life restaurant, serving as a setting for character development and plot exposition. Its inclusion adds a relatable, nostalgic element for viewers.

How Many Shoney’s Are In Florida?

As of my knowledge cutoff in March 2023, there are no Shoney’s restaurants currently operating in Florida. Please check the latest information for the most up-to-date restaurant locations.

What’s The Price Of Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet For 2017?

Shoney’s breakfast buffet prices in 2017 typically ranged from $5 to $9. This would vary by location and time of the week, including potential discounts for children and seniors.


The price of Shoney’s breakfast buffet in 2017 offered great value for diners seeking variety and abundance. Whether for a family outing or a solo feast, Shoney’s catered to all appetites at a cost-effective rate. Remember, staying informed about current deals ensures the best dining experience.

Keep an eye on Shoney’s for their latest offerings!

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