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Classic Potato Latkes Recipe: Crispy Perfection Awaits

Delight your taste buds with crispy, golden potato latkes.

Introduction to Potato Latkes

Potato latkes, or pancakes, are a classic dish. They are loved by many and perfect for festivities.

What You’ll Need

Simple ingredients make the best latkes. Here’s what you need to get started:
Ingredient Amount
Potatoes 4 large
Onion 1 small
Eggs 2
All-purpose flour 1/4 cup
Baking powder 1 tsp
Salt 1 tsp
Black pepper 1/2 tsp
Oil For frying
Classic Potato Latkes Recipe: Crispy Perfection Awaits

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Peel the potatoes and onion first.
  2. Grate them using a box grater or food processor.
  3. Squeeze out all the liquid using a cheesecloth or a clean towel.
  4. In a big bowl, mix the dry potatoes and onions with eggs.
  5. Add flour, baking powder, salt, and pepper. Mix well.
  6. Heat oil in a frying pan over medium heat.
  7. Drop spoonfuls of potato mixture into the hot oil.
  8. Press them down to form thin pancakes.
  9. Cook until edges are golden, then flip to cook the other side.
  10. Remove from oil and place on paper towels to drain.
  11. Serve hot with your favorite toppings or sauces!

Tips for Perfect Latkes

  • Use starchy potatoes like Russets for best results.
  • Make sure to drain the potato mixture well.
  • Keep the oil at the right temperature for crispy latkes.
  • Don’t overcrowd the pan; it lowers the oil’s temperature.

Serving Suggestions

Potato latkes are perfect with these toppings:
  • Applesauce – for a sweet touch.
  • Sour cream – for creamy coolness.
  • Smoked salmon – for something fancy.
  • Chives or green onions – for a fresh bite.
Classic Potato Latkes Recipe: Crispy Perfection Awaits

Variations to Try

Get creative with your latkes:
  • Add cheese for melty goodness.
  • Mix in sweet potatoes for a twist.
  • Include herbs like dill or parsley for freshness.
  • Use zucchini for a lighter version.

Frequently Asked Questions For Classic Potato Latkes Recipe: Crispy Perfection Awaits

What Are Potato Latkes?

Potato latkes are a traditional Jewish fried pancake, typically made from shredded potatoes, onions, eggs, flour or matzo meal, and seasonings, and are especially popular during Hanukkah.

How To Make Potato Latkes Crispy?

To ensure your potato latkes turn out crispy, squeeze out as much moisture as possible from the shredded potatoes, use hot oil, and avoid overcrowding the pan while frying.

Can You Freeze Potato Latkes?

Yes, potato latkes can be frozen. Allow them to cool after frying, place them in a single layer on a baking sheet to freeze, then transfer to a freeze-safe container or bag.

What Toppings Go Well With Latkes?

Classic toppings for potato latkes include applesauce and sour cream, but you can also experiment with smoked salmon, chives, or even caviar for a gourmet touch.


This classic potato latkes recipe is easy and delicious. They’re great for special days or just a cozy night in. Try making them and enjoy their crispy goodness!

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